What is Thigh Flap Reconstruction?

PAP stands for profunda artery perforator, which is a blood vessel that runs through your thigh. A PAP flap uses this blood vessel, as well as a section of skin and fat from the inner portion of your upper thigh to reconstruct the breast. No muscle is used in this procedure, so a PAP flap is considered a muscle-sparing flap. VPAP stands for vertical profunda artery perforator, which is very similar to the PAP flap reconstruction. However, a vertical incision is created on the inner thighs to remove a longer flap of skin to use to reconstruct the breast. LTP stands for Lateral Thigh Perforator. During this technique, a flap of skin is removed from the outer area on the side of the thigh, or in the area described as the saddlebag area.

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