Is SGAP Flap Breast Reconstruction the Right Procedure for You?

If you are a victim of breast cancer or breast cancer runs in your family, a mastectomy may be recommended as part of your treatment plan. It is emotionally overwhelming to face the consequences of breast removal. Your breasts are more than a physical part of your body. You identify with your bust as one of your feminine characteristics, and they make you feel attractive and give you confidence in yourself. The thought of losing them can be devastating. Reconstructive surgery offers you the opportunity to reclaim a beautiful bust, making you feel like yourself again. You may be a candidate for SGAP flap breast reconstruction.

Understanding SGAP Flap Breast Reconstruction

There are several options for breast reconstruction, including the use of autologous tissue, breast implants, or a combination of both. Using your body’s tissue for breast reconstruction is referred to as autologous. Tissue may be taken from various areas on your body, including your hips, back, buttocks, or abdomen. The abdomen is often the most common area used because excess skin and fat are available. SGAP flap breast reconstruction, otherwise known as superior gluteal artery perforator flap reconstruction, transfers tissue from the upper part of your buttocks in order to recreate the appearance of a healthy bust.

Who Is a Candidate for SGAP Flap Breast Reconstruction?

SGAP flap breast reconstruction is advised if you don’t have excess abdominal tissue, an inadequate amount of blood vessels available in your abdominal tissue, or there is not a sufficient amount of tissue in other areas of your body. Your buttocks usually have a healthy amount of fat and tissue to create breasts that will look and feel natural once your surgeon has gone to work. Your surgeon will also have ideal blood vessels for a healthy transfer of tissues. Advantages of an SGAP flap breast reconstruction include:

  • Breasts that look and feel authentic
  • Use of only your body’s tissues
  • Avoiding the risks of breast implants
  • Your buttocks will still be shapely after your procedure

SGAP flap breast reconstruction will give you the opportunity to feel whole again. Your surgeon will advise you if this is a good option for you.

What Happens During SGAP Flap Breast Reconstruction?

Prior to your procedure, you will be given general anesthesia. Your surgeon will make incisions to harvest tissue from your buttocks to transfer it to your bust, taking great care to ensure your buttocks maintain an attractive shape once your incisions are closed. Your surgeon will shape the transferred tissue on your bust to recreate the appearance of your natural breasts. They may use tissue to create the appearance of nipples or you may choose to have your nipples and areolas tattooed on your skin.

What to Expect for Recovery From SGAP Flap Breast Reconstruction

You will be required to stay overnight in the hospital to be monitored after your procedure. You may need to be there for up to four days. Once you are allowed to go home, you will receive drains in your breasts to remove excess fluid. These should be removed within two weeks after your surgery. Your full recovery could take as long as six weeks. Throughout your recovery, you will gradually be able to do your normal activities with some restrictions.

Find Out if SGAP Flap Breast Reconstruction Will Work for You

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