Is a Breast Reduction the Right Surgery for Me?

Breast reduction surgery comes with one of the highest rates of patient satisfaction out of any plastic surgery procedure. If you’ve been considering breast reduction in Baton Rouge, LA, then you know it can be a big decision. Fortunately, your plastic surgeon will be with you every step of the way. During your consultation, you’ll discuss the right surgical plan for you and your goals. You’ll also discuss whether breast reduction is the right option for you. As you schedule your appointment with Dr. Cusimano and our breast reduction specialists, here’s what to know about breast reduction and whether it’s right for you.

You Experience Pain and Other Symptoms

Overly-large breasts can be hard on your back over a lifetime. Because of the extra weight on your chest, it’s normal to experience symptoms like back pain or difficulty breathing. Women with very large breasts are also prone to developing skin rashes or irritation underneath the fold of the breasts. Women regularly see a reduction in back pain and discomfort after breast reduction surgery.

You Have Difficulty Exercising

Large breasts can get in the way of doing your favorite activities like running or yoga – even with the best sports bra. They can also limit your mobility during everyday activities, making it hard to reach, stretch, or bend over. You can more easily achieve your health goals and enjoy greater flexibility after breast reduction.

You Have Difficulty Finding Clothes That Fit

It can be especially difficult to find bras when your breasts are larger than the standard sizes. This can be costly and time-consuming, and it can also apply when trying to find shirts or blouses that fit. It’s also normal to experience your bra straps digging into your shoulders throughout the day, causing discomfort. Breast reduction can save you time and money spent on more expensive sizing for your wardrobe.

You’re Finished Having Children

Because pregnancy can change your breasts, it’s best to be finished having children when considering your options for breast reduction. Getting pregnant after your procedure can cause the breasts to grow again, requiring another procedure. If you have plans to get pregnant, make sure and talk with your plastic surgeon about your options.

You’re An Athlete and Looking to Improve Your Performance

Breast reduction is actually relatively common in athletes who naturally have larger breasts. If you play competitive sports, you can benefit from a breast reduction to improve your mobility and shed excess breast tissue weight. Your plastic surgeon can recommend the right approach for you so you can limit your downtime.

Schedule an Appointment

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