How to Decide if You Need a Breast Lift, Breast Implants, or Both

When you look at your breasts, do you have the desire to change their appearance? This is common, and there are several options to change your breasts. Over time, aging, weight changes, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and gravity can take a toll on your breasts’ shape, size, and position. That’s where breast augmentation and breast lift procedures come in. These are two of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures that aim at enhancing the appearance of your breasts. So, how do you pick your best option given the two procedures?

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift is a remedy for drooping breasts and aims at making breasts look firmer. The surgery positions the breasts higher on the chest, correcting any sagging or asymmetry to give you a more attractive contour.

How Can Breast Implants Help Achieve Body Goals?

Breast implants increase the volume, size, and shape of your breasts. Though often confused with a breast lift procedure, breast implants don’t necessarily correct sagging and drooping. The end results of breast augmentation are fuller breasts that may also be perkier. They will improve your overall body contour.

How Do You Decide Between a Breast Lift and Augmentation?

Deciding on which of the two cosmetic procedures to pick can be quite confusing and challenging. However, it has become increasingly common for women to combine both breast lift and breast augmentation procedures. If you want to make sure you are heading into the surgeon’s office for the right procedure, you might want to put a few of these factors into serious consideration.

Nipple Position

A quick indication of whether you need a surgical lift or implant is your nipple position. Nipples pointing downwards indicate a severe droop that only a breast lift procedure can correct.

Breast Size

Do you want to go a few cups upwards? Breast implants increase the volume of breasts and will handle that desire for you.

Your Goals and Desires

What are your expected results from the transformation? If you want fuller breasts that sit higher up on your chest, then maybe you need to combine both procedures.

What’s the Difference in Recovery Time?

Both procedures require surgery and involve a fair amount of preparation and recovery time. Your surgeon may ask you to rest for about seven days after a breast lift. After a breast lift alone, the incisions generally take a shorter time to heal. You may experience some pain, swelling, and bruising, but you should be ready to resume normal activity after two weeks.

Like the breast lifts, breast augmentation takes a few weeks for the incisions to heal depending on the type of surgery. The larger the scarring, the longer it should take to heal. Cosmetic surgeons recommend about three weeks of limited body activity until the scars are healed. It will take a few months for the breast implants to settle to their final sitting positions.

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