How to Choose Your Breast Implant Size

Many people are surprised to learn that breast augmentation is one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery in the country. Each year, millions of women undergo this voluntary procedure to alter the shape, size, and position of their breasts. Some women elect to have this surgery for aesthetic reasons, while others need reconstruction after medical issues. Regardless of the reason, women who undergo breast augmentation are in good company. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing a breast implant size for your augmentation.

1. Look at before and after photos from prior patients.

Good plastic surgeons should be able to provide some before and after photos from previous clients. If no client has authorized the sharing of these photos, you can find enough examples online. Looking at these images is a great way to help determine what size and shape you would prefer.

2. Find real-life examples of your ideal breasts.

Every woman has a different idea of how they’d like their breasts to look. Fortunately, there are some people in real life who have these sizes or shapes already. It’s a great idea to collect photos of celebrities or other famous women who have breasts that you admire. This can help give your plastic surgeon something tangible for which to aim.

3. Test the size and weight of different bra sizes.

You’ll need to get used to carrying around extra weight after breast augmentation. Placing rice and water inside of your bra is a great way to test the different weights that will come with varying breast sizes.

4. Find a plastic surgeon who can provide sample implants.

While there are at-home tests that can be used to gauge the weight of different bra sizes, sample implants are the most accurate test to use. Some plastic surgeons will be able to provide their patients with sample implants that can be placed inside of their bra to determine the weight variations between different breast sizes. It’s important to choose a size that won’t hinder the quality of your everyday life.

5. Use 3D technology to visualize different breast sizes.

Even fake implants can make it difficult to visualize the different breast sizes from which you can choose. If your doctor has access to 3D technology, this can be a great way to gain a better understanding of how different augmentations will appear on your frame.

6. Receive detailed and accurate body measurements.

Every plastic surgeon should take accurate and detailed body measurements of their patients in order to determine an appropriate amount for breast augmentation. Past a certain weight and size ratio, women can experience back pain among other complications. It’s important to have these accurate body measurements so you don’t end up choosing an implant that is too large.

7. Understand all of the complications and risks involved.

Before undergoing the procedure, it’s important for patients to understand all of the complications involved with the process. Each implant will come with its own unique risks and challenges.

8. Learn about the different shapes and sizes that are available.

Augmentation procedures can improve a lot more than the size of a woman’s breasts. Plastic surgeons have the ability to change the shape and position of breasts as well. It’s important to understand the variety of possibilities before making a decision.

9. Learn about different brands of implants.

While many people spend time thinking about different types of implants, there are actually many brands that make these surgical devices. It’s helpful to become familiar with these different brands before choosing which one to use. This can help you compare factors like cost and warranties.

10. Talk about life after the surgery with your plastic surgeon.

Many women don’t realize how breast augmentation can affect their lifestyle after the procedure. It’s critical that patients talk with their plastic surgeons to ensure that their goals are still accomplishable after the procedure.

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